Welcome To My Blogging World

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Uncertain World

I am Yasir Tariq a young Software Developer by profession. Well it is the first post I am writing for my Blog and I really don’t know how to start about it though I want to share a lot of experience with you people. I have started blogging with influence of my friendZz in my gathering. I will be writing soon on interesting topics more of my unforgettable experiences and Techy stuff. So Hit Back Soon 🙂

  1. kulsoom says:

    Welcome 🙂

  2. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui says:

    Hey Yasir… Great work dude…!!!

  3. Ammar says:

    Good work Yasir. Now we can tell what u have been thinking in your car. isnt that great (still wondering though what good is that information to me) . Comon man.. what you need is a THEME. otherwise its the same as twitter. if you want people to read about this then target a certain market. BE FOCUSED. If its the everyday corruption u wannna comment then fine but please SAY SO. aur haan. yaar title to fix karlo, it says ‘ Just another WordPress.com site’ how exciting is that?Sell something exciting that people actually wanna buy.

    Dont take criticism negatively. Use it to fuel your passion. keep trying some day inshallah people will actually cite you.

  4. Sobia says:

    nice conclusion 🙂

  5. […] Welcome To My Blogging World […]

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