Fleecing Unaware Citizens

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Uncertain World

I recently experienced something which I would like to share with you all today in this small article.  Since few days back my mom was asking me to take her for shopping and I being lazy, always turned down her request :-p then finally day before yesterday I made an effort & took her for shopping. Along with mom, I picked my sister from office (@ Schon Circle) and took them to gulf. Upon getting there I experienced same issue as always; car parking and was getting hyper :E finally I managed to find a place,  as that place was very narrow I had to make more efforts to park car. Well when I was getting off, a guy with yellow pcap came… guess who was it…!!! it was a guy who works for CDGK and collects payment for parking car (I always hate the way they deal with people).. I was like errrrr aaj phr sae…. while I was thinking all this he tore a car parking receipt from a book and asked me for Rs 20/=, I read the receipt and it was written Rs 10/- for one hour, I told that guy that its clearly written on this receipt that I have to pay Rs 10/= and what he replied to me was what if I cross this digit 10 from my pen and make it 20, I was shocked to hear that, I told him “bhai aes main likha hai das rupay main bees kyun dun, he said sab daetey hain bla bla bla…” I refused to give him Rs 20/= then another guy in yellow pcap joined our conversation and said the same word what that person said to be a minute ago. I straight away told him “sorry bhai sahab I wont give you bees rupay kyun kay aes main 10 likha hia“. I further added that I am not an illiterate (this time my voice changed with little anger) I know how to read and write, you cant make fool out of me. One of the guy said “bhai yeh receipt purani printed hain and our contractor wont forgive us, he doesn’t give us new printed receipt (with Rs 20/= printed) and asks us to charge Rs 20/- from you people, if you don’t pay us we have to give from our own pockets on your behalf.”  Now at this point I couldn’t figure out what is right and what is wrong. Well I gave them Rs 20/= and mentioned to them that I am just giving you Rs 20/- only because I don’t want you both to be caught and pay from your pockets and if you both are lying then ALLAH is watching all this and HE will catch you both on the day of Judgment.  They both took Rs 20/-, gave me recepit and went away saying nothing.

The point which I would like to mention here is that it is not the matter of Rs 10/- or Rs 20/- infect  it is the mater of principle,  I have to pay what is written on the receipt. But again I  don’t know, they might be saying truth that contractor is doing all this, so why should they suffer. We are living in a system where people are not fulfilling there responsibilities properly. To be a strong NATION we all have to be sincere with the system we living in, till then nothing can change.

  1. kulsoom says:

    Good Job 🙂

  2. Saqib says:

    dude u should have given them only 10 rupees they all r just bloody lier

  3. Ammar says:

    well i think more than 10 or 20 rupees whats funny is that you were fighting with a’CDGK’ worker in clifton, which is actually OUTSIDE THIER JURISDICTION’.clifton falls under CBC (cantonement board clifton) the same happened with me a while back and thats what i precisely asked him and told him to f&%# off… and he left

  4. Lubna Erum says:

    Welldone Yasir! u hav pointd out a very common issue which people dont bother to solve. we all need to make an effort to change the system n for this yes we must unite and take some action.
    well keep writing its an interesing job 🙂

  5. Yasir Tariq says:

    Thank u so much Lubna baji, its just that these are small things which we all experience in our daily life but we don’t give importance to such issues, these issues are important to be addressed else nothing will change and it will eat away NATION and SYSTEM like pests eat away crops.

  6. Asim Noman says:

    Well writen blog yasir (Y)…:)…

  7. Asim Noman says:

    Well writen blog yasir (Y)…:)…

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