Logical or Practical Muslims?

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncertain World

It was a nice sunny day when I was on my way back to home from university, waiting for my bus at the bus station while sitting on a bench observing people passing by me. I was looking at my watch again and again as I had nothing to do, on my left I saw an old lady walking very slowly towards the bench, while I was watching her all of a sudden a young girl running, trying catch her bus, came in the way of old lady, for a moment I thought young girl is gonna bump into old lady but some how she managed to maintain her balance and did not collide. The young girl asked old lady if she is fine, needs any help and apologized to her like 5 to 7 times for coming on her way. The old lady sweetly replied its OK you go ahead. That day something hit at the back of my head, I questioned myself: what the hack was that, what if something similar would have happened in our society no one would have even bothered to turn around and see if other person is fine or not. The point here is why does all this lack in us. These people are not Muslims then how come they are so nice to each other, I mean from where did they learn all this?

Another major difference I found in this western society and in our society is: If I go to a restaurant/bank/public service office, I see people forming que without pushing anyone or showing frustrated facial expressions. This shows these people have patience to stand and wait for their turn, enough patience to stand and smile at each other. Its just they care for each other and unfortunately this also lacks in us 😦

This blog post of mine is not to degrade the society I belong to, its just to create an awareness that we as being a Muslims are not following Islam properly, in fact, keeping unlawful sexual intercourse, pork and alcohol aside, people here in western society are following all those teachings mentioned in Holy book (Qur’an) which makes a better society. We call our self Muslim but we don’t practice Islam, we are Muslim because we are born in Muslim family and Adhan (Azan) was delivered in our ear but people here in west are not Muslim but they practice Islam by following mostly all the major core element (daily life things) mentioned in Qur’an and Hadith. Ask yourself, are you a logical or practical Muslim?

Lets promise to our self that we need to be nice to each other, as much as we can. It needs to be like a competition, if other person is nice, I need to be more nicer than him/her. Lets not wait for someone else to start, initiate yourself and spread love and harmony among each others. May God Bless us all. Ameen

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